Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Google doodle: 57th anniversary of invention of the bar code

Google doodle - barcode on homepage on 7 Oct 2009
Google has honoured the 57th anniversary of the invention of the bar code
Users of the internet search engine are being greeted with a bar code in place of the usual Google logo, exactly 57 years after United States inventors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver were granted a patent.
Woodland and Silver, who met while students at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, originally devised a system that would encode data in concentric circles.
The lines of varying width were developed later, partly inspired by Morse code.
According to a Washington Post report, the doodle bar code appears to have been created by encrypting the word ‘Google’ using Code 128, a standard symbology.
The original patent was filed by Woodland and Silver in 1949 and granted on 7 October 1952.
However, bar codes were not used commercially until retailers in the National Association of Food Chains (NAFC) agreed on the familiar Universal Product Code designs that are still seen on billions of worldwide items today.
The first supermarket scanner that could read UPC bar codes was installed at March’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio, in June 1974. The first product to bear the bar code was a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum.
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Monday, 5 October 2009

10 Fonts to design original logos

1. Unit Rounded Bold (download)
A rounded font to design Facebook-like logos.

2. Helvetica Neue
Helvetica Neue is absolutely the font I prefer in this collection. Clean and professional:

3. Qlassik (download)
Another font I like very much:

4. Punk's not dead (download)
Punk's not dead is "dirty" font to design grunge logos:

5. Chica Monospace (download)
A font with an optimal legibility and an elegant style:

6. Kyra Lynn (download)
Kyra Lynn is another "dirty" font for grunge logos:

7. Nicotine (download)
A bold font for big logos:

8. Light Out (download)

9. Anja Eliane (download)
Anja Eliane is a bold rounded box. Best result in medium-big size.

10. Danube (download)
A courious font for modern logo design.

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10 Beautiful and free fonts for web designers

1. Take out the garbage
Take out the garbage is a very nice font designed by Kirk Shelton. You can use it for free for personal, non profit use. For commercial licensing, please contact the author:

2. Vegur
Vegur is a clean font set similar to Helvetica family, designed by dotcolon:

3. VTKS Animal 2
VTKS Animal 2 is a brush-style upper case only font set created by Douglas Vitkauskas. Useful to design headers with a big font-size:

4. Nevis
Nevis, this strong, angular typeface is ideal for headings. It features 96 of the most commonly used glyphs:

5. Bedini
Bedini is an elegant font similar to Bodoni. Useful to design typographic-style websites:

6. Pappo's Blues
Pappo's Blues is an original font set very useful to enrich your design with handwritten style graphic elements:

7. 309
309 is another nice upper case only font set useful to design bold headers:

8. Philosopher
Philosopher is a beauty and elegant font maked with Erico Lebedenco:

9. 2 Peas Goofball
2 Peas Goofball is a funny and tiny font designed by Lorenzo Simo:

10. Diego
Diego is another interesting handwritten font:

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10 Delicious Free Fonts with commercial-use license

1. Aller (download)

2. Fertigo Pro Regular (download)
You can download this very nice font for free from (requires registration).

3. Colaborate (download)

4. NeoRetroDraw (download)

5. Ubuntu title (download)

6. Marketing (download)

7. Justus (download)

8. UglyQua (download)

9. Universal Fruitcake (download)

10. Yanone Kaffeesatz (download)

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10 Awesome typewriter fonts for web designers

1. King (download)

King is an elegant and highly readable typewriter font useful to design titlesheaders. and

2. 39 Smooth (download)

39 Smooth is a large-space font. I prefer use it in a big size to design headersDownload 39 Smooth and titles

3. Underwood 1913 (download)

Underwood 1913 is a dirt-line font. Useful for old-style sites to design headerstitles. and

4. Type-RA (download)

Type-Ra is another dirt-line font useful to design old design elements. I prefer use it in a small size.

5. Last Words (download)

Last Words is a large typewriter font. Nice using big size for title and headers.

6. F25 Executive (download)

F25 Executive is a very. To design text elements and headers for old-style letters or vintage websites.

7. Telegraphem (download)

Telegraphem is an uppercase typewriter font. Useful to design old style labels using small size.

8. Another Typewriter (download)

Another Typewriter is one of my preferred typewriter font, highly readable for titles, headers or simple text.

9. Stalker (download)

Stalker is a large-space font. I prefer use it with a big size (greater than 40pt).

10. XBand Rough (download)

XBand Rough is another uppercase typewriter font. Useful to design old style labels (I like medium size 16pt-30pt)

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10 Interesting fonts for web designers

1. 7 Days (download 7 Days)
7 Days is a free font design by Jakob Fischer (PizzaDude) for non-commercial use only. If you like to use the font in any commercial way, contact Jakob before doing it.

2. Caracteres L2 (download Caracteres L2)

3. Twilight (download Twilight)
Do you like vampires? :)

4. Charrington (download Charrington)

5. Elsewhere (download Elsewhere)
Elsewhere is a font Created by Brian Kent you can use for personal use, commercial use, or whatever.

6. Stone (download Stone)
Stone is one of my favourite fonts. It's elegant and versatile for a lot of situations:

7. Stewardson (download Stewardson)
Stewardson Regular is a nice font useful to design elegant headers.

8. Dorkbutt (download Dorkbutt)

9. Bronic Shadow (download Bronic Shadow)
Bronic Shadow is a font created by Daniel Zadorozny. This font may be freely distributed and is free for all non-commercial uses.

10. Copyright Violations (download Copyright Violations)

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