Thursday, 1 October 2009

Twitgether – a social twitter client for iGoogle, Gmail, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut

Twitgether aims to be the twitter app for all your social networks. Whether you use iGoogle as your homepage, Gmail for sending mails, Facebook or Orkut for socializing with friends, you can always stay connected to twitter using Twitgether.

Twitgether uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s support for multiple twitter accounts.

You can mark all tweets as read just like you do in Google Reader for feeds. New tweets are displayed automatically thanks to the auto refresh feature. You can search twitter within the app as well!


  • Supports OAuth, no password required
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Mark all as read(like Google Reader)
  • Automatically refresh
  • Built-in Twitter Search
  • Select text in a tweet to search or translate into other languages
  • Integrated URL shortening services


Twitgether Says

Twitgether is a full featured twitter client for social networks.


  • Twitgether – Social twitter client for Gmail, iGoogle, Facebook, Myspace and Orkut



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