Monday, 5 October 2009

10 Handwritten fonts you can't miss

1. Analgesics (Download)

Analgesics is a "bold" font particular useful to design heder elements.

2. Sketch Rockwell (Download)

This is absolutely my preferred handwritten font, very good to be used, with a big size, for titles and headers.

3. Joe Hand (Download)

Joe Hand is a "fast" handwritten font, nice using small size.

4. Two Turtle Doves (Download)

Two Turtle Doves is e big size font good to design big titles or headers.

5. Estrya's Handwriting (Download)

This is a beautiful font design by Jellyka Nerevan free to use for a personal use. You can use this font to design, for example, notes like this:

6. Gregs Other Hand (Download)

Gregs Other Hand is an uppercase font you can use for note header like this:

...or with Estrya's (font 5 in this list) to obtain a crayon + pencil effect:

7. Later On (Download)

Later On is a slimmish font which I suggest you to use for big size titles (use a size greater then 42 point for a better effect)

8. Bubbly Frog (Download)

Bubbly Frog is another font useful to design titles or header elements.

9. Rai Elegant (Download)

Rai is an elegant handwritten font I prefer to use for small text:

10. Imitation (Download)

Imitaion is another "big" font useful to design titles and headers elements.


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